MSK Affiliate Link Cloaker – Cloak Affiliate Links and Track Link Clicks

Msk Affiliate Link Cloaker

MSK Affiliate Link Cloaker

Releasing our Fourth PHP Plugin for Cloak the Affiliate Links With Link Click Counter.

For our Plugin, No need, a WordPress site or Any other connections.Need a Web Server With PHP/MYQL Support.

A Simple Concept PHP Plugin With Affiliate URL Cloaking and Link Click Counting which display Number of Affiliate Link Clicks.

Here are Some Benefits in Affiliate Link Cloaking

  • Easy to Memorize our Affiliate Link Compare to Original Affiliate Product Links
  • Default Affiliate Link Looks big, but Cloaking Affiliate URLS Look Short and Easy to Memorize

Example: Affiliate Cloaking URL

Normal Affiliate Link

Cloaked Affiliate URL

Our Plugin Build on PHP/MSQL we are using MYSQLI Method to connect the Database also our Plugin Supported on Latest PHP/MYSQL Version.And this Affiliate Plugin Help us to Cloak the Affiliate URL from the Products we are going to Promote also we can Track the Link Clicks.



Feature’s in Msk Affiliate Link Cloaker

  • Cloak Affiliate Links
  • Count the Link Clicks
  • Add/Update/Delete Options
  • User-Friendly Admin Panel
  • Secure, Lightweight Code
  • HTTPS Support
  • Responsive

Server Requirments

  • PHP/MYSQL Based web server

Supported Versions

  • PHP 5.6, PHP 7 and above
  • MYSQL 5.6  or Greater
  • MariaDB 10 or Greater

Tested Versions

  • PHP 5.6 and PHP 7.0, 7.1
  • MYSQL 5.6
  • MariaDB 10

How to Set up Msk Affiliate Link Cloaker PHP Plugin?

Here’s the Step by Step Guide to Install Msk Affiliate Link Cloaker PHP Plugin

  • First Download this Plugin package

Current Version – 1.1

Changes – [Fix HTACCESS Rule issue & DB Connection Issue]

  • Next, Open your web server File Manager/App Folder
  • Upload the Plugin package on that Folder Don’t Forget to Extract the Plugin Package

File Structure

Msk Affiliate Link Cloaker

  • GO Folder Contains all Files & HTACCESS File for SEO Friendly Affiliate Cloak URL
  • Now Create an MYSQL Database for this plugin to Save the Data ( For Cpanel Refer this Guide – Create a MySQL Database and user in cPanel )
  • Cloud and Unmanaged VPS user’s Try Adminer  Database Management PHP Plugin.
  • Now run this below SQL Tables Query on PHPMYADMIN and create tables for links, Products, and clicks
CREATE TABLE `link_clicks` (
`url` varchar(500) DEFAULT NULL,
`slug` varchar(500) DEFAULT NULL,
`str` text NOT NULL,
`clicks` int(11) NOT NULL
  • Go to SQL and Run this SQL Queries to create Tables

Msk Affiliate Link Cloaker


Msk Affiliate Link Cloaker

  • After creating Tables Open the Folder “baba” (It is your Admin Management Folder)
  • Open config.php File on baba Folder
  • Add your Database User, Password, and Database Name on the Config File.

Msk Affiliate Link Cloaker

  • In the same File, you can find this line $base_url = ‘http://localhost/go/’; Replace http://localhost/go/ with your website/blog don’t remove /go/ Example :  add like this


Msk Affiliate Link Cloaker

  •  Again on the same config.php File you can Find this Below Lines
//Admin User Credits
$admin_username = 'YOUR USERNAME';
$admin_password = 'YOUR LOGIN PASSWORD';
  • Replace YOUR USERNAME and YOUR LOGIN PASSWORD with your username and password this is your Admin Panel’s Login Credits


Msk Affiliate Link Cloaker

  • Admin Login URL
  • After All, setting and Configuration Save the config.php File
  • Login to your Admin Dashboard and Cloak your Affiliate Links Now you can easily Manage your Cloaked Affiliate Links Edit, Add, and Remove

Admin Login

This Plugin Comes with User Management Panel for Track Link Counts/Add/Edit/Remove Options

Msk Affiliate Link Cloaker

Home Page

Msk Affiliate Link Cloaker

Cloak Affiliate Links

Easy to Cloak your Affiliate Link, product links, and personal Links.

Msk Affiliate Link Cloaker

Manage Affiliate Links

Manage your Cloaked Affiliate Links.Edit and Remove the Links from Database.

Msk Affiliate Link Cloaker

Stored in Database

All your Affiliate links, Cloaked links, and Click Counts are Storing in the database.

Msk Affiliate Link Cloaker

SEO Settings

Hide your Cloaked Affiliate URLS From Search Engines

Add this Below line on your website’s robots.txt File

Disallow: /go/

 From the Editor’s Desk

This PHP Plugin tested on Latest PHP version we request you to use Latest PHP/MYSQL version for this plugin.Clean Coded and Light Weighted PHP Plugin.

If you are Facing Any Issues in Installation and Setup Drop your Comments Here, I will Guide you.

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Msk Affiliate Link Cloaker
  • Features
  • Support
  • User Friendly
  • Responsive Design


Msk Affiliate Link Cloaker – A Simple and Lightweight PHP Plugin Which Helps us to Cloak Affiliate Links and Track Link Clicks.

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