How to Create a Google URL Shortener Web App in PHP

Google URL Shortener Web App

Hai Today I am Going to release My Second PHP Plugin Google URL Shortener Web App before that we release Bitly URL Shortener Web App

Google providing a Free URL Shortener service & API for website/blog owners and developers for shortening their Long URL into short URL.

Today Evening I open the poll contest on Hellboundbloggers Facebook Group Most of them Voted for Google URL Shortener service  🙂 Nearly 30+ people voted for this URL Shortener service.

It’s Completely Free and unlimited URL Shorten Per day

Google URL Shortener Web App

Free URL Shortener Web App For Bloggers and developers

App –  Mskian Google URL Shortener Web App

Version – 1.0

Developer – Santhosh veer

Process 1

Create an API and refer URL for Google URL Shortener Web App

  • Go to Google developer Library
  • Click “Enable APIS and Services
  • now it shows the Google API packages
  • you can find the Other popular APIs or Search as URL Shortener API
  • Now open the URL Shortener API and Click Enable

URL Shortener API


  • Next, in top menu, we found the select the project drop-down menu click that now it will Display the Pop-up Box with our Project List else if you are having any project Create New

Google URL Shortener Web App

  • Now in the left sidebar menu, you found the Credentials with key icon click Credentials.
  • Now it shows the three option’s “Credentials, OAuth Consent screen and Domain Verification
  • Click Credentials Dropdown Menu
  • Choose API key.
  • It Will Generate an API for you
  • A pop-up Box will Display the API click Restrict Key on the Pop-up box
  • Name your API key
  • In Key Restriction Choose “HTTP Referrers
  • in Accept Headers Enter your website link in this format ** (note – Enter your website link that you are going to use this web app.)


Google URL Shortener Web App

  • Click Save 🙂

Process 2

Install Google URL Shortener Web App on your web server.

Username – user & Password – 123456

Installation Method and Documentation

  • Download the Zip file and Upload it on your server Just extract the Zip file on your Cpanel’s File Manager
  • Cloud VPS Users Upload this Plugin Files on your App Root Folder

Bitly web app

  • Set the username and password for your Admin Gateway
  • Open login.php on line number you can find this line $logins = array(‘your username’ => ‘your password’,’username1′ => ‘password1′,’username2’ => ‘password2’); replace your username with your username and replace your password with your password that’s all.
$logins = array('Your username' => 'Your Passowrord','username1' => 'password1','username2' => 'password2');
  • Now open INDEX.PHP File on line number 16 you can find this line $referer = ‘YOUR WEBSITE URL’; replace YOUR WEBSITE URL with your website URL (reason check the Process 1)
  $referer = 'YOUR WEBSITE URL';
  • On the line number 17 you can find this line $apiKey = “YOUR API”; replace it with your API key check Process 1 for Getting your API Key From Google API service.
$apiKey = "YOUR API";
  • That’s all Successfully you Install the web app  🙂


It’s very Simple tool work with Google API Connection.


Its Supports in all PHP enabled web servers.


It’s not an official Google URL Shortener Web App



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