DigitalOcean-EasyEngine Best WordPress Hosting For Event Bloggers

WordPress Hosting For Event Bloggers

WordPress Hosting For Event Bloggers

A Best WordPress Hosting For Event Bloggers

Are you a blogger or marketer who is planning to open an event blog.

Do you know what is the best hosting for your event blogs?

Are you confused?

Then you don’t have to worry anymore; here I am going to share the best and insightful solution for your answers.

Most of the event bloggers always start with a cheap hosting and fall into the traps of unsuccessful blogging.

Now, if you want to be the one who is unsuccessful then you don’t need to watch this post, but if you are hungry for success, then you should start building your success with the best hosting.

Event bloggers have a glance at WordPress platforms because they are the best regarding features and you can make most out of it. As an event blogger, I mostly suggest you the WordPress platform because of its stable features and user-friendly interface.

So it’s always better to use the WordPress platform for you event blogs.

But, do you ever thought that how to stay stiff in that huge competition?

Competition has been a standard part of today’s digital world, but as you compete with the huge range of other event blogs your hosting speed must be quicker than others to improve your user experience.

You don’t know when a site will get an enormous and massive traffic, for example, if you get a huge traffic, then you need the best hosting.

Or else, you’ll find yourself in the last position with no views.

Bloggers are mostly making this mistake at the start they are opting standard web hosting plans, and they are eventually failing to deliver a quality speed for their visitors, and as a result, their visitors are migrating to other event blogs.

So, it is a bad experience, if you want to stay in line and keep your audience with you, then you should use better web hosting.

Now, you might be thinking what was the best hosting to stay keep your audience with you.

If you have that question, hover your mind then don’t worry I am having a proper solution for that.

That is cloud VPS.

I personally prefer it because of its blazing speed and key features it provides for all the event blogs.

Let’s see further that what do I prefer and recommend cloud hosting to others.


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Cloud Hosting I recommended for Event Blogging?

From our point of you, Digitalocean has given a good result for us. As a web developer, I have conducted lots of tests to check its capability and adaptability. And I am shocked with the results myself because I found a better hosting to nail my event blogs, so that’s the reason why I recommend digitalOcean Cloud VPS for your event blogs.A Best WordPress Hosting for Event Bloggers.

It is the Best WordPress Hosting For Event Bloggers and it eventually stands out as the best.

Is Cloud VPS are Affordable?

No, Abouslotely not, it is not affordable for a regular blogger who has a mindset of getting everything for free. But yet it is affordable for bloggers who strive to get value from his/her blogs.  For the event, Blogging Basic VPS is Enough DigitalOcean Have Low-cost VPS plan 5$ & 10$ plans its enough for event blogging.

Actually, For Event blogging, basic VPS is far affordable, and it’s just as a pizza cost. Which you order online on weekends.

I support digital ocean because of its rates it has the lowest VPS plans which start from $5 – $10. And it is enough for event bloggers.

Advantages of Cloud VPS for Event blogs?

  • Dedicated IP
  • Free SSL
  • HTTP/2 Support (Work on SSL Enabled websites)
  • MariaDB
  • Nginx server + fastcgi_cache (Give Blazing speed – Best WordPress Hosting For Event Bloggers)

Why I recommend a Cloud VPS for Event Blogging?

  • Handle the Good Real-time traffic
  • Blazing Speed Nowadays visitors loves the fast loading websites/blogs
  • SEO Benefits (Dedicated IP and SSL)

Learn How to Install a WordPress site in Digitalocean Via EasyEngine

EasyEngine is Python Tool Help us to Manage our WordPress website with Advanced Features like NGINX, Memcache, FastCGI cache, OPcache, and Redis cache.It Supports Ubuntu and Debian.

EasyEngine Requirments

  • Digitalocean Account 5$ or 10$ (You can also Install EasyEngine on Linode & Vultr Cloud VPS – Plans 5$/10$)
  • Fresh Droplet From DigitalOcean VPS (OS – Ubuntu )
  • SSH Terminal software for Windows Use PUTTY terminal.Mac and Ubuntu users use Built-in SSH terminal
  • Notepad editor for saving our all user and password credits

Tools I Used For this Tutorial

  • Os – Windows 10
  • SSH Software – PUTTY Terminal
  • Video Recorder – Camtasia Studio
  • Dummy domain and Do server
  • Default Notepad Editor for Save My all Account Login credits

Step by Step Guide to Install a WordPress website in Digitalocean

  • First Create a Fresh Droplet from Digitalocean
  • While creating a new Droplet From Digitalocean Choose Ubuntu 16.04 64bit LTS Version or Ubuntu 18.04 64-bit LTS Version

Read – How to create a New Droplet in Digitalocean Cloud VPS

  • After creating your new Droplet Add your Domain to the Digitalocean and Point the DO nameserver on your Domain DNS manager
  • check your Email they send the SSH login credits and IP


WordPress Hosting For Event Bloggers

  • Now Copy all the credits into your Notepad
  • Now login your Droplet from SSH Terminal
  • I Use Putty Terminal (Ubuntu and Mac user’s use your Inbuild SSH terminal Login as ssh root@YOURDROPLETIP)

WordPress Hosting For Event Bloggers

  • for first-time, it asks to change the root password
  • Enter the Old password as New Password After that again it asks to create a New Password Now create a new Password for your SSH Login

WordPress Hosting For Event Bloggers

  • Now get ready to Install EayEngine Free Tool Manager for WordPress
  • Update the Packages
sudo apt update && apt upgrade -y
  • After Updating the Packages Copy and paste this Below command line on your SSH terminal click Enter to install EasyEngine Pack
wget -qO ee && sudo bash ee
  • It takes some time Install while Installing EasyEngine It asks Your Name and Email ID provide it Continue your Install

WordPress Hosting For Event Bloggers

Success Message

EasyEngine (ee) installed/updated successfully
EasyEngine (ee) help:
  • After Installing EasyEngine, we are going to create a new WordPress website just copy and paste the Below Command line
sudo ee site create --wpfc # install wordpress + nginx fastcgi_cache
  • replace with your website domain name
  • Be patient while Installing New WordPress website in EasyEngine It takes some time to Install
  • It displays the WordPress username and login URL in SSL Terminal after WordPress installation


WordPress Hosting For Event Bloggers

  • Note the username and password of HTTP Auth login and WordPress on your Notepad
  • AsUsual Open your WP admin dashboard and start your Blog set up 🙂
  • That’s all

Full Installation Video – Install EasyEngine and WordPress on DigitalOcean

How to Manage the Database and Files in EasyEngine?

  • For managing the database you need to Install an ADMINER/PHPMyAdmin (Personally I recommend ADMINER)
  • Just Use this Below Command line to Install ADMINER


ee stack install --adminer


WordPress Hosting For Event Bloggers

  • Your ADMINAR Login URL Look like this
  • While opening the DB Manager, it asks Port Login to access for DB manager
  • You can get HTTP Auth port Login user and password while Installing Fresh WordPress website Check the Below Images

HTTP Auth-Port Login page

WordPress Hosting For Event Bloggers

Login Credits for HTTP Port Login

WordPress Hosting For Event Bloggers

  • Just Save the user and password in your Notepad
  • Use this credits to Login your HTTP-Auth Port, But I personally request you to create New User and Password for HTTP Auth login
  • Use this Below Command line to create a New user and password for HTTP Auth-Port Login
ee secure --auth
  • After successful login, It display’s the ADMINAR Login page

WordPress Hosting For Event Bloggers

  • Provide your Database Login credits to Open MYSQL tables Manager

How to Get My MYSQL Database Credits on EasyEngine?

  • Use your DigitalOcean Droplet Credits to Access the FTP manager (Use Filezilla FTP manager)
  • Your website FTP File Path – /var/www/
  • your wp files in Htdocs and wp-config.php in www folder get your all database credits from wp-config.php file

Here is Detailed about HTTP Auth login and Database Management

Updated Steps for Admin Port Login

In above step and video we mention using this ee secure –auth command line to change the Admin Port User Login credits Now Little Bit Change in this Step.

Just use this below command line to Change the User and pass for HTTP port login.

ee secure --auth USERNAME PASSWORD
  • Replace USERNAME and PASSWORD with your new username and password for Port Login


WordPress Hosting For Event Bloggers



How to Install an SSL on EasyEngine?

Already I write the tutorial for the SSL installation in EasyEngine – How to Enable the Free Let’s Encrypt SSL on the Event Blogs.


Important method

Change your WP login username and Author URL Slug for security

Check this Below Video

WordPress Cache Plugin Configuration in EasyEngine

By Default WordPress Install Its comes with w3 total cache and NGINX Helper Plugin Just remove the Plugin and delete all setup files and cache files, Use FTP to Manage your WordPress files go to wp-content, folder, you can find the cache files. w3 total config file and advance cache PHP file delete all the files from the folder.

Just Configure the Nginx Cache Plugin and use it + use AutOptimze plugin for HTML/CSS/JS Minification Both Combination Give Good Speed

Check The Below Video for Configuration (Ignore wp-config.php Step)

From the Editor’s Desk

  • Learn EasyEngine From their Official website – Learn Now
  • EasyEngine 24×7 Support Forum – Join Now

Digitalocean Offers

Choose the best Cloud VPS products for your Event Blogs.DigitalOcean + EasyEngine Best WordPress Hosting For Event Bloggers with Lot of Advanced Features.

Choose Quality web Hosting Product for your all Blogging Works

Get 10$ Free Digitalocean credit Now

Wrapping UP

EasyEngine and Digitalocean Combination is the Best WordPress Hosting For Event Bloggers Hope this Tutorial Will Help you Create a new Blazing Speed WordPress website.

If have Any Doubts and Queries related to the Topic (WordPress Hosting For Event Bloggers) Feel free to Comment Here I will Guide you.

If you Like this Tutorial Share it with your Blogger Friends and Social Pages Thanks 🙂

Update From the Post Editor

We are Tested the EasyEngine on Linode and Vultr it works Well Follow this Same Method to Install EasyEngine-Wordpress on Linode & Vultr.


Best WordPress Hosting For Event Bloggers
  • Price
  • Speed
  • Features
  • Support


DigitalOcean – EasyEngine Best WordPress Hosting Solution for Event Bloggers With Lot of Advanced Features.

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