A Simple Method to create a Site Specific Plugin for WordPress

How to Guide – A Simple Method to create a Site Specific Plugin for WordPress website.

A Simple Method to create a Site Specific Plugin for WordPress

Site Specific Plugin for WordPress

In our Past article, we see about How to create a WordPress child theme in this post we are going to see About how to create a  Site Specific Plugin for WordPress website.before that I don’t want to give the big explanation for this article I want to share why we use Site Specific Plugin for WordPress in short and sweet Message we use Child theme for add some design and Custom Functionality for our WordPress theme.we use function.php file for adding some custom functionalities in our WordPress website but here the question is already we have the function.php file in our child theme yes it is an Another simple method to Maintain and protect our WordPress custom edits from the Parent theme updates.

Benefits of using Site-Specific WordPress Plugin

  • Use our custom name and version
  • Add your code and functionalities
  • Plugin control in your hand if you facing any error while editing or adding some function in the Site-Specific WordPress Plugin Means just deactivate plugin from your WordPress dashboard or delete it from WordPress install directory
  • Easy to Manage and edit

How to create  a Site-Specific WordPress Plugin

  • Create a New Folder in your WordPress install Plugin Directory wp-content/plugins create Folder in that directory Example – /wp-content/plugins/mywebsite-plugin/
  • Now create a blank PHP file in your Site-Specific WordPress Plugin Folder and save it as mywebsite-plugin.php
  • Paste the Below code in the PHP file and save it

Plugin Name: Site Plugin for mywebsite.com
Version: 1.0
Author: Your Name or your website Name
Description: Custom functions for website

/* Start Adding Functions Below this Line */

.. Your custom functionalities goes here....

/* Stop Adding Functions Below this Line */

  • that’s all save it and open to your WordPress dashboard go to plugins > installed plugins now you can find your Site-Specific WordPress Plugin on the installed plugin dashboard then simply activate the plugin  🙂

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