WordPress Remove yellow background from AdSense ads

A Simple Method to Remove yellow background from AdSense ads in WordPress

WordPress Remove yellow background from AdSense ads

Recently one of our WordPress Plugin user Faces this issue yellow background in AdSense ads.it will Annoying our website visitors.

Here is the Solution for this issue.Just Fix this issue by adding Simple CSS Codes  🙂

  • Log into your WordPress Dashboard
  • Add this Below CSS Code on your WordPress website Most of the WordPress theme have a built-in option for Add a Custom CSS if you use jetpack plugin Means enable the custom CSS module or Learn Here How to add Custom CSS in WordPress website

CSS Code 1

ins {
background-color: #FFFFFF !important;
text-decoration: none;

CSS Code 2

ins {
background: transparent;
text-decoration: none;

CSS Code 3

ins.adsbygoogle { background: transparent !important; }

  • That’s all Now go and check your Ad’s   🙂

From Editor’s Desk

I provide the 3 Different CSS Codes for this Try all the Codes Because Some theme Shown the White color Background After adding this CSS Code if you Seen a white color background in your Adsense ad’s Means Use the 3rd CSS Code.

if you have Any Doubts related to this topic Please Feel Free to Comment  Here I will Help you.

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