10 Simple WooCommerce Tweaks to Boost your Online Sales

10 best WooCommerce tweaks to increase sales

Are you on the lookout for new strategies to boost your WooCommerce sales? Well, stop the search for new strategies and start improvising the existing strategies. Sometimes the little WooCommerce tweaks to your existing strategy can turn the biggest odds in your favor.

10 Simple WooCommerce Tweaks - Increase Sales

10 Simple WooCommerce Tweaks – Increase Sales

WooCommerce Sales

ECommerce business is all about making quick sales. I’m pretty sure, we all must have had our share of beginners luck. Making the first few sales would have been easy, but we start experimenting with complex ideas when venturing to boost online sales.

“Life isn’t hard unless We make it so”

Try these simple sales tweaks,

  1. Inform customers on the availability of out-of-stock products

Most times a customer leaves your eCommerce website when their product choice is found unavailable. So, have you ever reached back to that customer when that unavailable product comes available?

Letting your customers notify about the out-of-stock products not only improves sales but also strengthens your brand credibility.

WooCommerce Waitlist extension will help you track the demand for out-of-stock items. It also creates a list of waiting customers for the unavailable product and then notifies the customers when the product is available back in the stock.

  1. Create WooCommerce discounts precisely

WooCommerce discount is no new terminology. Right? Every online shop owner must have surely created discounts at least once. WooCommerce discounts can always boost your online sales.

WooCommerce discount Rules says that the smart way to plan your discount strategy is to create it in the time of need.

  • Have you just started your WooCommerce store? You must then be getting a lot of new customers. In this case, gift your new customers with First order discounts and make them a loyal customer.
  • The most commonly dealt issue when selling online is cart abandonment. Try offering Cart discounts and see how it improves your sales.
  • Is your online inventory piling up? Creating an attractive ‘Buy One Get One free’ discounts not only improves sale but also clears up your inventory.

Hope you get the basic idea of ‘when’ to offer ‘which’ discount.

  1. Reward your Reviewers

What’s the first thing we do before purchasing a product? We look for the product reviews and assess the quality of the product. In fact, the sale of a particular product also depends on the product review left by earlier customers.

How to use product reviews to your WooCommerce store advantage? Reward discount coupons to customers who review a product after every purchase.

This way,

  • Most of your products get reviewed by the customers.
  • The reviews also encourage new customers to shop at your online store.
  • Customer gains trust with your eCommerce store.
  • High sales conversion.

Review for Discount is a WooCommerce built plugin to help you offer discounts to customers who write a review for the shopped products. This will help your WooCommerce store to drive more sales, upsells and new sales as well.

(B) Promotions

No matter how attractive your WooCommerce discount strategy is, it still needs a successful sale promotion. Brand promotions are the crucial part of engaging existing customers and also in bringing in new customers.  

So, How to run a successful WooCommerce sale promotion?

  1. Create Email campaigns

Whatever be your latest online marketing strategy, Email marketing is still the best channel to improve online sales. Well, 79% of retail professionals acknowledge the fact too.

Are you expecting a bit more of insight email campaigns?

Here’s what Campaign Rabbit has to got to say

Campaign Rabbit’s Email Tweaks,

  • Send personalized Welcome emails by using the customer name. It improves the customer relation.
  • Don’t lose even a single customer. Send Win back emails with coupon codes and make your customer shop with your online store again.
  • To avoid your customers abandoning their shopping cart, sent Cart abandonment emails and encourage the customers to complete the purchase. Let them know the sale is rushing.
  • Create Upsell and cross-sell opportunities by recommending product suggestions along with Follow up emails.
  1. Customize WooCommerce emails

Won’t you get bored seeing generic, plain looking order emails? Well, that’s how your WooCommerce customer feels when you send default transactional emails. Customer engagement is the only thing that can boost online sales and it will be lost if you don’t customize your order emails.

Customizing your WooCommerce order emails no longer requires alteration with HTML codes because now you can simply drag and drop content to create attractive transactional emails.

Use WooCommerce Email Customizer- the most popular email plugin for WooCommerce to customize your default emails. Add brand logo, headers, footers, product images, icons with simple drag and drop feature and create beautiful WooCommerce transactional emails.

  1. Build Social network

“Building a brand is always about having more audience”

How to expand your audience? Social media is the modern web’s most prominent idea. You can connect with millions of audience over the globe with just a mouse click.

Simple share buttons adder plugin will allow you to provide customized social buttons alongside blogs, articles, events, discount coupon promotions. So that, the customers can connect and share the news on social media platforms. When more people hear about your WooCommerce store, the chances of customer rate acquisition is high.

(C) Performance

ECommerce is all about engaging your customers in real time. The obsession with “Saving Time” is the reason for eCommerce success. Many might be thinking how’s this ‘obsession’ going to help boost online sales.

Well, things are pretty simple. Optimize your online website’s performance and make it quick to load.

How to improve your WooCommerce store performance?

  1. Optimize WooCommerce product images

Getting at the top of Google’s search page is the biggest race in eCommerce niche. Well, most of you know that a strategized SEO can bring you the google rankings. But, do you know that the simple optimization of your product image can also boost your website performance?

Compress WooCommerce product images to reduce storage space which in turn can boost your website speed. And, increased website speed can bring your better search results. When more people visit your online store, you make more sales conversions.

EWWW image optimizer can help you optimize all your existing images to the best file format. The plugin helps you to add ALT Text optimization for images. Also, optimizing all bulk images can be done in one single page.

  1. Index your WooCommerce site

The search engine needs to know your content update from your sitemap to rank your WooCommerce site. Indexing your WooCommerce site allows the search engine to find your web content easily. The site must avoid spam backlinks and your existing backlinks shouldn’t be dominated by other WooCommerce competitors.

A better robot.txt plugin can boost your web content on search engines. It will let the search engine know your latest product update, blogs, articles, and events. Well, the biggest advantage of this WooCommerce extension is that it protects your backlinks from your competitors.

  1.  Manage site’s Cache

By now, you’d have realized the importance of website speed. Generally, WooCommerce sites have a lot of data, files, and images. So, the faster your online website loads, better are the chances for your customer to stay.

Simple things to do,

  • Delete the cache files after publishing every post.
  • Provide enable and disable cache option for mobile users.
  • Reduce page load time for frequent users.
  • Reduce the size of your web files that are sent to the online server.

Add ‘WP Fastest Cache’ plugin to your WordPress dashboard to effectively manage your cache data.

  1. Create WooCommerce Accelerated Mobile Pages

Nowadays, people can shop online being anywhere. Be it a train, park, workplace they shop online with their mobile. So, to my fellow WooCommerce store owners, we must take this customer behavior into consideration to improve the store’s performance. You must make sure that your website loads in under 3 seconds. Why is that? Because of 53% mobile visitors exit a site if it doesn’t load within 3 sec.

That’s where WooCommerce Accelerated mobile page comes useful. This framework allows you to increase the loading speed of your website pages for mobile handsets. AMP for WP is the popular WooCommerce AMP plugin to boost your website speed. The latest update of the extension also supports with social media integrations.

Wrapping Up,

  1. Never lose the opportunity of making a sale- Notify customers when out-of-stock products are available.
  2. Create timely WooCommerce discounts to your store advantage.
  3. A product with more reviews sells more- Gift discount coupons for customers who review products.
  4. Create active customer participation through email campaigns.
  5. Sending generic transactional emails kills brand value- Customize your WooCommerce emails.
  6. Make your WooCommerce store more dominant in social media.
  7. Compress product images to increase the load speed of your online site.
  8. Index your web content to make sure the google bot ranks your website high.
  9. Managing cache files can improve user experience but it might use more storage space and bandwidth.
  10. Use WooCommerce AMP and make your store quickly accessible in mobile devices.

Feel free to comment us and let know how these WooCommerce tweaks helped you sell better.

Toast! for WooCommerce sales.

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