Blogger Sitemap Generator PHP Plugin

Blogger Sitemap Generator PHP Plugin

Blogger Sitemap Generator A Simple Tool to Create an XML Sitemaps For Blogger Blog Submit your Blogger Sitemap to Google and Bing Webmaster Tools.

Hai this our First Request Post For Our Website one of Our blog Visitor requested For Blogger Sitemap Generator PHP Plugin yes create an XML Sitemaps For your Blogger Blog most of the bloggers love to provide some useful tools to their Blog visitor’s Mostly they target an SEO related tools.

Blogger Sitemap Generator PHP Plugin

Blogger Sitemap Generator

I created this tool by using PHP Post value method it’s very simple Method in PHP.7 line PHP Coding Only very Light Weighted script.we no need to use a Database For this tool.

  • Create a Bloggersitemap.php Page.
  • For Sub-domain create index.php file in the Blogger sitemap Folder.
  • Now Paste the Below HTML Form Code in your Bloggersitemap.php File or index.php File
<form method="post" action="sitemap.php">
<input type="text" name="site_url" required id="site_url" placeholder="Enter your Blog URL">
<br />
<input type="text" name="count" required id="count" placeholder="Post Count">
<br />
<button type="submit">Generate</button>
  • Now create a sitemap.php Page if you are using a subdomain like Means create a sitemap.php file in Bloggers sitemap Folder,
  • Now Paste the Below PHP Code in your sitemap.php File
$var1= $_POST["site_url"];
$var2= $_POST["count"];

echo "Your Blogger Sitemap Url is <b>$var1/atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=$var2</b>";
  • Now save all your setting’s that’s all Successfully we created a Blogger Sitemap Generator PHP Plugin.

How it’s Work?

  • Enter your Blogger Blog URL and Post count in the Textbox
  • After that Click submit Button
  • Now the Page redirect to the Sitemap.php Page with OUTPUT
  • you can view the Proper sitemap Url for blogger Blog with your POST Count check the below Image’s for DEMO

Blogger Sitemap Generator

Blogger Sitemap Generator

My Blogger Sitemap Generator Tool


  • we use POST value method to call the user data
  • $_POST[“site_url”] Call’s the Blog Url given by the user
  • $_POST[“count”]; call’s the Post count give by the user
  • Don’t add a Forward Slash / at the end of your Blog URL example:

From the Editor

  • If you are a not a developer ping me for install this blogger sitemap PHP plugin on your website.
  • if you need some Extra Feature’s in this Plugin Please Feel Free Comment Here I will Help you


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