How to Upload Images in Ghost Blogging Platform

Upload Images in Ghost

Upload Images in Ghost

Ghost Blog CMS Guide – Upload Images in Ghost

First of all Happy New year to all this is our First Blog post in 2017  about Ghost Blogging Platform this tutorial we are going to see about Upload Images in Ghost blog posts.

Ghost Platform is Completly differ from WordPress.Ghost post editor does not have the TinyMCE editor like WordPress we can use Markdown Method to add our blog posts.

Today topic we are going to see about How to Upload images in Ghost blog in our upcoming blog posts I cover about full Markdown features in Ghost post editor.

How to Upload Feature image in Ghost blog post?

  • Login to your Ghost Admin Dashboard
  • create a new post or update your old posts
  • you can find the setting Gear ICON in Title bar

Upload Images in Ghost

  • Click the Gear icon it shown the post settings option

Upload Images in Ghost

  • you have two option Upload Image and Image Link attachment
  • After uploading the image update the post

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How to Upload Images in Ghost Blogging Platform?

First Method for Featured image this one for insert images on post content

  • inside your post-Just type CTRL+SHIFT+I has shown the image upload option and link attachment

How to Upload Images in Ghost Blogging Platform

  • Just upload an Image or attach the link to add an image
  • Markdown code for attaching the image
![image alt text](
  • replace “image alt text” with your image alt text
  • replace that link with your image attachment link
  • that’s all after uploading the Image save the post settings

From the Editor’s Desk

it does not have Multi-image upload option follow the same steps for upload Extra images

Wrapping up

Hope this Guide Helps you to Upload images in Ghost Blog posts if you have any doubt Comment Feel free to comment here I will Guide you.

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