How to Configure SMTP Mail service for Ghost Blog

SMTP Mail service for Ghost Blog

SMTP Mail service for Ghost Blog

Ghost SMPT Mail Server Set Up Guide

In this Tutorial, we are going to see about Ghost Mail Configuration with SMPT services.In WordPress, we have default PHP Mails.

For both Incoming and Outcoming so we no need to make an extra configuration on WordPress.

But In Ghost, it is Little Bit different we need to Configure SMTP Mail service for Ghost Blog for Outgoing Mails.its is Not a Complicated work Ghost Having Node Mailer pack for this so we can Just Authorize our SMPT Mail service.

Why We Need SMTP Mail service for Ghost Blog?

  • For New Author Invitation
  • Forget Password reset Mail
  • RSS Feed Mail’s (Recently Ghost introduce RSS Email Feature but this feature in Beta version)


How to Configure SMTP Mail service for Ghost Blog

It’s very easy to set up for that we need for that we need third party email services our Outgoing Emails.

Services I recommended for Ghost Mail

  • Mailgun
  • Sendgrid
  • Gmail (use it for personal Blogs)

How to Configure the SMPT Mail service on Ghost Blog?

Ghost Already has the Node Mailer package, so you Just Authorize your SMPT service to your Ghost Blog.

  • Open the Ghost folder From File manager or FTP
  • you can find the file config.js file
  • Open that file (before edit the file take a backup)
  • We need to Attach our SMPT JS script on the config.js file

If you don’t have a config.js file just create new File names as config.js

and copy all the code from config.example.js and paste it on config.js file.

How to Configure the Mailgun SMPT on Ghost Blog

  • Sign up for a new account on it having Free plan already having account means just log into your Mail gun account
  • Verify your Email and create subdomain for sending domains
  • Now open your Verified sending domains
  • you can get your SMPT credits on the “Domain Information.”

SMTP Mail service for Ghost Blog

  • Now attach this below code on config.js file


mail: {
 transport: 'SMTP',
 options: {
 service: 'Mailgun',
 auth: {
 user: '',

PS: Ghost already having the Build in Mailgun function code so Just remove the slashes on the code

  • Replace and XXXXXXXXX with your Mailgun SMPT username and Password.
  • After all, edits restart the Ghost
  • Now login to your Admin Dashboard
  • Go to Labs
  • you can Find the “Send Test Mail.”
  • Just Click Send to test whether the Mail Function is working or not

SMTP Mail service for Ghost Blog

How to Configure the Sendgrid SMPT on Ghost Blog

process are same as above step Just make a Little bit Modification for Sendgrid

  • Sign up for Free account in (already having account login to your account)
  • After all Sendgrid account verification
  • Create API Key for outgoing emails
  • Allow the “Mail Send” Function in API permission
  • Already we having the Mailgun script on our config.js
  • Just find this line service: ‘Mailgun’, on the script and replace it with  service: ‘Sendgrid’,

In recent Updates, we no Need to create an SMPT account on Sendgrid Just create an API Key for permission we use our Sendgrid Account Username and password as SMPT Authorization credits.

Full example code

mail: {
transport: 'SMTP',
options: {
service: 'Sendgrid',
auth: {
user: 'User',
  • Replace User and XXXXXXXXXX with your Sendgrid Account username and Password
  • same as above steps go to labs from your Ghost Admin Dashboard and send a test Email

Test Mail Output from Sendgrid

SMTP Mail service for Ghost Blog


How to Configure the Gmail SMPT on Ghost Blog

we can also use Gmail Mailing service as SMPT service for blogs/websites for this Create a separate Gmail account but use Gmail SMPT service for personal blogs.

Process are same as above methods also code replacement is also like Sendgrid method Just replace service: ‘Mailgun’, with service: ‘Gmail’,

Full Example code

mail: {
transport: 'SMTP',
options: {
service: 'Gmail',
auth: {
user: '',
pass: 'yourpassword'
  • For Gmail, we Must enable the  IMAP and Enable less secure apps
  • Enable IMAP – After login to Gmail account your can see the Settings Gear Icon Below the Gmail Profile Image

SMTP Mail service for Ghost Blog

  • Click the Icon and go to settings
  • Go to Forwarding and POP/IMAP section
  • Enable IMAP and click Save Changes

SMTP Mail service for Ghost Blog

  • After this setting Enable less secure apps to get the Third party authorization permission
  • Open Less secure section and Turn on that option
  • That’s all Now restart the ghost and send the test Mail all outing emails are stored in send mail

Test Email Output

SMTP Mail service for Ghost Blog

How to Set From address and Name on Ghost Mail?

By default, there is No Custom from mail and Name on Ghost SMPT Mails we need to set up on our Mail scripts

Add the Below lines on Mailer script

From Name

mail: {

from: '"Santhosh veer" <>',


From Address

mail: {
from: '',


From the Editor’s Desk

  • your Full configuration look like this on config.js file

SMTP Mail service for Ghost Blog

  • After all, Configuration don’t forget to restart the ghost blog and server
  • Digitalocean user’s use this below command line to Restart the Ghost and Nginx
sudo service ghost restart
sudo service nginx restart
  • If your Ghost Blog Hosted on Cpanel Based web server contact your Hosting provider for restarting the Ghost blog or if you have the permission to access the SSH then try this below command line to Restart the Ghost blog
npm start
  • Ghost Already having the Code for Mail service we Just Update the service: ”, tag
service: 'Mailgun', - for Mailgun

service: 'Gmail', - for Gmail

service: 'Sendgrid', for Sendgrid

Wrapping Up

Hope this tutorial will help you to Set up SMTP Mail service for Ghost Blog.if you Any Doubts in this topic drop your Comments Here I will Guide you.

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