Bitly web app – Create URL Shortener by Using Bitly API in PHP

Bitly web app – Url Shortener

We are Happy to Announce Releasing our First Web App – Bitly web app in PHP – Url Shortener Service in PHP.

Bitly is the Perfect Tool for Create a Brand Shortlink for our blog’s and websites.Mostly short links are used for Twitter and Facebook Sharing it show’s our Professional Brand short Link on the Shared Postbox.

Today we are going to releasing our Bitly web app a high-end Mobile responsive Web App Mostly some top CMS having Bitly URL shortener Plugin to shorten our Post Links.

Bitly providing official API Which helps us to shorten our URL from our web server yes you can Create your Own Bitly web APP and Mobile APP by using their API.



  • Responsive Design Supports All Major devices and Browsers.
  • Admin Login System without Database.
  • using PHP session Method for Admin Login System.
  • Working with Official Bitly API.

  • App Name – Msk Bitly Web App
  • Version – 1.1
  • Backend – PHP
  • Developer – Santhoshveer

Update – 31/01/2018

Recently Bitly is deprecating the ApiKey authentication method instead of using Generic access token New Bitly API v3 –


Download the latest & Updated Plugin from Github


1 – How install Bitly web app (on Cpanel)?

(Cloud users Upload this File to your APP Root Folder)

  • After downloading the Plugin Zip File upload the zip File on your web server’s File Manager (Note create a subdomain or create File Directory for Bitly web app) Extract the Zip File on your File Directory.

Bitly web app

2 – Set a username and Password For Admin Login

  • Open login.php File. (Open as Code Edit View in Cpanel on localhost use Notepad ++)
  • on Line Number 6 you can find the login array details just replace Username with your Admin Username and replace the password with your own admin password if you have a team you can also add more than 2 admin login credits.

Bitly web app

3 – Add Bitly username and API for shortening your Big URL

  • Open INDEX.PHP file
  • on Line Number 136 you can Find this line $username = ‘Your Bitly account username’; replace “your Bitly account username” with your Bitly username.(note – while creating your new Bitly Account it Ask a username that username is your Bitly account username)
 $username = 'Your Bitly account username';
  • on Line Number 137 you can Find this Line $key = ‘Your Bitly API Key’; replace “Your Bitly API Key” with your Bitly API Key you can get your Bitly API on your Bitly account dashboard Go to settings > Advanced Settings > API Support (you got your Bitly username and API Key)
$key = 'Your Bitly API Key';

Bitly web app


This is very simple Tool Help to shorten your URL From your web server with Bitly API connection.

Does it support My Brand Domain?

yes, you can Park your Brand domain in your Bitly Account Dashboard Set your Brand Domain as primary Main URL Shortener Domain.

Server Requirements for this Bitly web app

It’s work on all range of web servers it’s very light weighted plugin Build on PHP


  • This web app is not an Official Bitly App.
  • We are Not Affiliated with Bitly.

Credits & License:

Creative Commons

© Copyright 2016-2018 Allwebtuts.

  • Responsive Login Form by
  • Icons and Framework By Twitter Bootstrap and Font Awesome.
  • PHP Login without Database By

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